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Dropping All the Balls

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Oi! This week has been a week, if ya know what I mean!  I'm feeling super incompetent right now and need a quick burst of productivity to keep me from feeling like a total failure so I'm crossing something off my to do list that has been on there for way too long: BLOG!

I've been doing that procrastinating thing again where I don't write at all because I don't have time for a pretty, well thought out post.  Well folks, this won't be pretty or well thought out, but it's a post.  :p

If I'm being honest, I'm pretty disappointed with myself this week.  I feel like I really have dropped all the balls.

I haven't been keeping up with my 2015 goals AT ALL (like, I don't even remember what half of them were.)

I haven't been staying on top of the housework or even dinner (hubby has cooked dinner more than I have this week.)

I have had a super hard time with my attitude about work this week (I cried on Tuesday when my alarm went off.)

And I have a killer sore throat and am getting sick just in time for my weekend (cue more tears of frustration.)

I'm trying not to beat myself up and to believe that everyone has weeks like this and it'll be ok.  But it's hard not to look at my accomplishments (or lack of them) and not feel crappy about myself.  I really phoned it in this week.

I wish I had a deep life lesson to wrap up this post in a pretty little bow, but nope.  I'm sitting here drinking my hot tea with honey and lemon essential oil and just praying that maybe this post is what someone else needed to read today.  Maybe someone else has dropped all their balls (is that dirty?) and needs to know that they're not the only one.  'Cause you're definitely not.

And I guess it's ok to have crappy weeks.  Especially if you have a superhero husband who not only keeps his ish together, but keeps all yours together too while you're just laying in bed melting your brain on a Candy Crush game binge...(hypothetically, of course.  I did *not* do that...)

But even if you don't, and everything falls apart, it's ok.  Because life keeps going, and the week's not over yet, and you're not the only one.  Let's pick up the pieces, one by one, and try again tomorrow, k?  Go do one productive thing that you can cross off your list.  And then use that momentum to cross off one more thing.  :)  And before you know it, you'll be holding all your balls again (definitely dirty).

I love you, friends.  Go get those balls!

PS.  Hubby,  thank you for truly being a super hero this week and for picking up all my slack.  I definitely married up and am so thankful that you're the one I do life with - the good weeks and the tough weeks. Thanks for wiping away all my tears, even the ridiculous "I don't want to be an adult" ones.

Monday, March 16, 2015
I've been struggling to write this post for a while now and finally just decided not to write it at all and to vlog about it instead.  As you can see in the video, it was still hard to get out, so I apologize for the immense awkwardness you're about to watch. 

Please keep us in your prayers, friends.  We are trusting God and waiting expectantly for His plans for us to unfold.  

PS.  I'm serious about wanting to be there for others.  If you're going through a similar situation (or not but you just need a friend, that's ok too!) and would like someone to talk to, I'm here.  Contact me through any of my social media buttons at the top right of this page or leave me a comment and I'll be in touch.  :)

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Happy Valentine's Day! :)  Doad and I did a fun photo shoot with some friends the other day and Doad worked his video magic and made an awesome slideshow with the pictures.  I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Here's a couple of extra cute ones with Kate and her adorable son Wilder.  Love these guys! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating, whether it was with friends, significant others, family, or simply pampering yourself a little.  :) 

I pampered myself with a little V-day mani! :)

January and February Julep Maven Boxes

Friday, February 13, 2015
Nail polish!!! Lots and lots of nail polish.  :)  That's what today's blog is all about as I catch up on my Julep maven boxes from the last couple of months.  I also try out some fun lip products and get my first ever highlighting powder.


Thanks for watching!

If you're interested in becoming a Julep Maven, sign up here! Once you register, they'll send you an email with a promo code for a FREE welcome box! :)  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

2015 Resolutions

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Ok, I've been putting this off long enough, it's time to finalize my list of goals for the year.  I've been struggling to write this post because my goals weren't as clear cut for this year as they were last year. It was kind of a crazy ending of 2014/beginning of 2015 and I just didn't have the time or energy to ponder these things as much as I had hoped.  But it's February now and this is getting ridiculous so here is what I have come up with:

1.  Whole30
We're actually done with this already, but it was one of the few goals I've had since I started thinking about 2015.  Doad and I had planned on doing another Whole30 after the New Year almost since we finished our first one in July. It kind of feels like cheating to put up a goal I've already completed, but I'm leaving it here as a motivation boost. ;)

2. Get pregnant
It should be no secret now, that this has been one of our goals for over a year and a half.  I'm really hoping that 2015 is the year.

3.  Quit my job
This kind of goes along with goal #2 since I will be a SAHM whenever that ends up happening, but as I've mentioned before, I'm kind of just really over working outside the home.  I like being a housewife.  And I'm looking forward to being able to do that full-time.

4. Finish two books with Doad
We finished our first book together last year and I'm upping our game this year.  We have high hopes since we just scored a bunch of awesome books at the thrift store for like $5.  I'm looking forward to some cozy evenings snuggled up with my hubby and a good book. :) Our current read is called A Meal With Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission Around the Table by Tim Chester.

5. Read 24 books
Again, upping my game and hoping to double the amount of books I read last year.  I've got a good start so far with book #1 complete (The Infertility Cleanse: Detox, Diet, and Dharma for Fertility by Tami Quinn) and books #2 and #3 partially read.  ... and like five more books already in line to be read - I can't decide which to choose next!  There are SOOO many books I want to read this year.  I'm actually hoping I will read more than 24 because I just don't think I can wait till next year to read all the books on my list!

6.  Marriage Conference
This was one of the few goals that I didn't complete last year so it is absolutely on the list this year.  I think our marriage is doing great, but I want to do everything possible to make sure that I'm being the best wife for Doad.  :)

7. Go on a cruise (or nice vacation)
The rest of these goals are kind of all fun ones, but we have been looking around for a good deal for a cruise for several months.  We were originally hoping to go last year in September, but then we ended up both quitting and starting new jobs at the same time instead!  My new goal is was to go for our anniversary in March, but we just haven't found a great deal.  Now we're considering an all-inclusive resort type of trip because there seem to be a lot more options and deals to choose from.

8.  Have all purple hair
I know, it sounds crazy, but it's really not TOO much different than what my hair already looks like - pictured below in a sneak peak of a super fun valentine's photo shoot.

I saw this pic on pinterest months ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head.

I think it's gorgeous.  Call me crazy, but I love purple hair.  It's my "non healthy/crunchy guilty pleasure". ;p  I couldn't go all purple for the wedding, but now I have no reason not to.  Unless I chicken out, I will be going all purple the next time I get my hair done.  EEEEEK! :)

9.  Color run?
I'm not really sure if I want to do this or not lol.  But they look like fun and are a good reason to exercise.  If Doad and I can find one we like, we are hoping to do this later this year.

10.  Keep up with the Spanish lessons
I really fizzled out at the end of last year, but for the last week or so have been making myself get back into the habit of working on it again.  I don't have a specific goal for this yet, but I'm hoping to at least make it through the second set of 16 cd's (32 lessons) by the end of the year.  It's slow going, but that way I know I won't get overwhelmed.  :)

11.  I know I had one more goal, but I didn't write it down and forgot what it was... :/
I'm leaving this one as a place marker for whenever I remember it.  ;)

There they are, my goals for the next 10.5 months.  Time to get cracking' on 'em.  :)

Did you make goals this year?  Leave me a comment with your top one or two resolutions.  Let's hold each other accountable to reaching our goals in 2015.  :)  Can't wait to hear from you!

2014 Resolutions: November and December Wrap-up!

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Got kinda quiet around here again.  I have some updating to do!  First things first, let's start off with our final goals recap for 2014.  I'll be doing both November and December since I kinda skipped both.

1. Run 100 miles this year. 
I'm pretty bummed about this goal.  I think I've just run out of steam since I know that I'm not going to be able to complete this goal.  I ran 3.51 miles in November and zero miles in December.  So my final running total for the year was 30.73 miles.  Definitely farther from my goal than I had hoped, but I am still proud of the work that I did and that I kept running at least a little bit for almost the whole year.

2. Get back to my wedding weight. 
So my weight definitely went up after the holidays, but I'm still counting this one as a success since I did hit this goal for several months this year.  We also have just started the Whole30 again, so I have high hopes that I will be hovering somewhere around this goal weight again in a few weeks. :)

3. Read 12 books. 
Check! I actually finished this goal in November, reading both The Nourished Metabolism  by Elizabeth Walling and The Nesting Place (affiliate link) by Myquillyn Smith.  They were both awesome books and I highly recommend them.  Especially The Nesting Place, I started out just reading it for fun, but I ended up getting so much motivation and so many great ideas for making our house more homey and can't wait to work on some of these fun ideas this year.  In December, I read the book Two From Galilee (affiliate) by Marjorie Holmes.  This is one of my favorite holiday books and I read it almost every December.  I finally got my own copy for Christmas last year so I don't have to steal it from my mom! ;) 

4. Read through one book together with Doad.
Check! :)

5. Find a cleaning routine that works. 
This is still a work in progress, but I do feel like it has improved since the beginning of the year.  Hopefully hubby agree. ;)

6. Sell one item from my Etsy shop.
This happened in April.  Yay!!! Unfortunately, my sales momentum went down after that and I didn't focus much on the shop the rest of the year.  As always, I have many ideas, they just keep getting pushed down on my priority list.  

7. Go to a marriage conference.
I'm really sad that this didn't happen this year, but we definitely have not ruled it out altogether and I'm still keeping my eyes out for a good one to attend this year.

8. Go on a date with one of my sisters each month.
For November, I had all three sisters over to my house.  We made cookies, and I modeled my bridesmaids dress for them while they helped me pick out matching shoes lol. :) I'm so fun.  It was a good time though and I always love our times of girl talk.  I was hoping in December to have a girls night with all three sisters and my two sisters-in-law but it just got so crazy busy that it didn't happen.  I'm still counting this goal as a success though, I think 10 out of 12 months is pretty good. :)

9. Learn Spanish
This is another partially completed goal.  I definitely learned *some* Spanish this year and while I wasn't expecting to learn ALL of it, I did really fizzle out towards the end of the year.  

So there you have it.  Five out of 9 goals definitely completed, 3 of them partially done, and only 1 that got no attention at all (which I'm not taking all the responsibility for because money, timing, and availability. hello!) Not too bad if I do say so myself.  :)  

How about you? 
How did your goals turn out?

Stay tuned for my 2015 goals and resolutions soon.
Hope you all had a great holiday and that your January has been going super well. :)

Health Update - 11/26/14

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Ok, so I have been wanting to explain a little more about the health problems that I am currently focusing on correcting.  I also just want to have a place where I have everything written down because it can get a little overwhelming at times to try and remember it all.  So that's what this post is - I apologize in advance if it's confusing or long.  ;)


PCOS - This diagnosis was basically given to me because my hormone levels came out all wacky on a couple of blood tests.  I'm trying not to worry about it too much right now because I think it will kind of correct itself once I get all my other issues sorted out.  I'm basically just trying to eat clean so that I'm not making the problem worse by adding unnecessary hormones into the picture (pasture-raised, organic meats instead of conventionally raised meat with added hormones, raw dairy, organic produce instead of pesticide/herbicide laden food, no soy)

MTHFR - No, I'm not swearing at you, this is the name of the genetic mutation thingy... I'm still trying to grasp this and understand it, but I know it has to do with methylation and detoxing.  Basically, instead of getting rid of the stuff my liver has detoxed, my body is just kind of recycling it and sending it round and round again and it's clogging up the pathways for all the other stuff that needs to go on.  To me, it makes a lot of sense that if my body's been working really hard to just get rid of this junk, that it would not be able to focus on being a fertile place to grow a baby.  It also seems to make a lot of sense about why my hormones are out of balance - if I'm not able to detox all those synthetic hormones that I used to get in my diet and in the birth control pills that I took for a year and a half, of course there's an imbalance.  So hopefully, now that we're focusing on this whole methylation and detoxing thing we can get the bad stuff out and get everything in balance and working the way it should!  ;)

I'm taking several supplements to help jumpstart the methylation process and get things working:  MSM liquid, Methyl-B12, and TMG.  I'm also hoping to add some form of Methyl-folate soon too.  We are also saving up for a legit water filter for our kitchen to help reduce the toxin load as well as continuing to keep the chemicals to a minimum in things like our cleaning supplies, toiletries, and food storage items.  


Those are the two main issues that I am hoping to deal with overall.  I visited my naturopath last Saturday, however, and there are a few other minor issues that I am hoping to clear up this month.

H. Pylori - I've done a protocol for this before and although it can cause leaky gut, it was relatively easy to get rid of last time so I'm hoping it won't take too long this time either.  We are on a Gastro Health tea for a month which should kill the bacteria and heal the gut and a Safflowers supplement which I think is to help the stomach acid build back up.

Heavy Metals - She also saw a lot of heavy metals in my blood that I was not doing a great job of getting rid of.  I'm on supplement to help with that.  Zeolite something or other...

Hormones - She also gave me a supplement to help with my hormone balancing.  I can't remember all the details of that I just know it was hormone support (it was like information overload that day, we came home with so many supplements and were there asking her our questions for three hours.  Bless. Her. Heart.)

Other random stuff - To make sure that my body is good and nourished for preconception, I also am taking an herbal prenatal vitamin with gelatin, a probiotic at night, fermented cod liver oil, spirulina, and a D3 supplement.


This sounds like a million crazy supplements... and it kind of is, but several of them are only for about a month or so until we go back to the Dr and see how my gut/hormones/detoxing is going.  I can also combine a bunch of them into my morning Gastro Health tea so it is not overwhelming and I'm not swallowing ten thousand pills every day.  We'll see how I feel when the ones that we had to order get here and I'm actually fully on this protocol. ;)

 So there's where I'm at physically with all the health stuff going on right now.  Emotionally, things change every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  I would definitely say that overall I am struggling this month.  I don't know if it's that the holidays are coming up, or because winter makes me gloomy, or just a combo of everything, but I have been super emotional this month.  I'm struggling to stay content and find the good in our lives right now. And I feel guilty for that because we have a really great life.  I don't like that this one thing overshadows all the other great stuff that is going on, but some days it does just feel like one big cloud raining all over everything else. I feel how it affects all the day-to-day stuff because I think about how much different it would be if I were pregnant or had an infant right now.  I don't know how to stop doing that.

Spiritually, I feel kind of the same way.  I trust God and know that He has a plan for us.  I just find myself struggling to choose joy and thankfulness lately.  I'm trying to continue the practice of thankfulness from last month, but there are days when I just want to be a brat instead lol.  I want to ask God why it has to be this way.  I want to ask Him how much longer we have to wait.  And sometimes I'm tempted to think I can fix this on my own with my ten million supplements.  I pray everyday for Him to bless us with a baby, but I need to remind myself that when He does it will be all Him and not because of anything that we did.  While health is important and correcting these issues can only be beneficial for us and our chances of pregnancy, it's only by God's power that it will happen.  

This has turned into a super duper long post now so I will wrap it up.  Hopefully, future updates will not be this long... but I make no promises.  ;)  I'd also like to do another post that is more focused on my diet and the things that I eat on a regular basis.  Not sure if that would be helpful for anyone, but I'm also curious to see how/if my diet changes in the years to come so I want to document what it is now. 

Anyways... I'm finishing now, I promise!  
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  
Enjoy your day off with your family and stay warm! :)

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